Lee Rosen On Court TV Radio

December 6, 2006

Listen in tomorrow morning at 7:15AM live on Court TV radio with Vinnie Politan-Sirius 110. He’ll have a panel of legal experts called the Legal Dream Team, with family law attorney Lee Rosen, civil law attorney David Stern, and employment law attorney Robin Bond. They’ll be giving listeners legal pointers and talking about some legal […]

Alimony Catch 22

November 1, 2006

So the catch 22 is should a man have to pay alimony if his ex wife becomes a man? That’s the controversy over a Florida case. Some are saying if you support him paying alimony then you are endorsing marriage between the same sex. There was a similar issue in Texas where a man wanted […]

Amish School Shooting

October 4, 2006

In light of the recent Amish school shooting, why do married couples often overlook their spouse’s mental illness and ignore their disturbing behavior? Divorce experts say many times the wife or husband wants to save the marriage instead of coming to terms with their spouse’s odd behavior. It’s not uncommon to hear about a spouse […]

Matched Forever?

April 19, 2006

New research shows that many of the millions of Americans who find their love online are divorcing. Is this a failed science experiment or just something everyday couples experience?