Discussion: Presidential Candidates and Failed Marriages

March 7, 2007

Should we hold a presidential candidate’s [three] failed marriages against him? Does it matter if our next nation’s leader is divorced, married three times, or single? It’s evident that divorce still carries a stigma, especially if you’ve been down the road of separation three times and are going to run for president! What about Obama? […]

Families and Prescription Drug Abuse

February 28, 2007

The Charlotte Observer ran an interesting article yesterday about families torn apart by prescription drug abuse. Surprised? This has actually become a real problem. Rosen Law Firm attorney,Tammy Johnson, was cited about some of her clients who’ve dealt with this issue.

New Family Law Center in NYC

February 27, 2007

Judge Judith J Kaye recently announced plans to create a new family law center in NYC that would make divorce easier and cheaper for those who want to amicably split.

Invalid Online Divorce Sites Proliferate

January 15, 2007

A man in North Carolina used an online service for his divorce . When he showed up at the court room the papers he obtained online were invalid. He got the documents from an online site called Law Online Incorporated that charged him $600. Now the North Carolina State Bar is trying to limit Law […]