Unilateral Divorce

April 19, 2007

The ability in the U.S. fior either party to dissovle a marriage has lowered sucicidal rates among women and domestic violence rates across the board, especially the number of murders of women by their husbands.

Revenge Decor

April 17, 2007

Otherwise known as ‘divorce decorating’ , it’s when couples who divorce redefine themselves through post divorce decorating, sometimes as a way to fill a void of lost times when they were married.

A Divorce Registry?

April 13, 2007

So apparently registries aren’t just for brides and grooms anymore. New gift registries are being created to help people recently divorced gain back some of the possessions they lost during the split.

Brainiacs Score High on Marriage and Sex

February 21, 2007

College-educated and highly successful women used to be the lonely and unmarried. Now they are faring well in the marriage arena and their sex life ( with their spouse that is) rates high, too. Some experts are saying educated women have a higher advantage when it comes to marriage. Yet, this goes against some other […]