Divorce Coaching

June 25, 2007

I recently came across some information about a new trend called divorce coaching or parenting consulting. When couples clash during a divorce proceeding, divorce coaches can help them negotiate the conflict. I guess this is an attempt to keep families out of court.

Why Divorce Hits Men Harder

June 4, 2007

In a recent entry I pointed out an article about how some research shows divorce on average hits men harder than women. A Petersborough Examiner article suggests that flaws in the family court systems and the fact that women are typically favored in custody battles contributes this trend. Is it still true women are typically […]

Divorce Rate Hits 27 Year Low

May 9, 2007

According to an AP article that just came out, U.S. divorce rates are the lowest since 1970. Lee Rosen of Rosen Law Firm is cited in the article…

Deployed Troops Fight for Custody

May 7, 2007

A large number of military are finding themselves facing a custody battle after returning from overseas. Apparently service members’ children are being taken away from them after they are deployed. According to the latest data, some 140,000 single military personal are fighting two wars: one overseas and one at home trying to regain custody of […]