Parents Meeting at the Halfway Point

October 13, 2008

Lets say the parents have agreed to meet at the halfway point to exchange the children. How do you know where halfway is? And how do you find a good spot there – like a Pizza Hut – or a sushi place? Try Meetways. It’s a free, hosted product that will find the halfway point […]

Self-help website shut down

September 11, 2008 reports that Washington Divorce Online has ceased operations in Washington State after admitting that it has been offering legal services without having any attorneys on staff. This company operates in all fifty states according to their website. We know they operate in North Carolina as their Washington State website is identical to their North […]

Who’s right?

September 9, 2008

You take a position. Your spouse takes the opposite view. Who’s right? You certainly won’t find agreement in the midst of an argument. is an innovative website that allows each of you to post your position on the issue and allow independent third parties to determine who is “right”. Next time you don’t have […]