Housework: Married Men vs. Cohabiting Men

August 30, 2007

According to findings in the September issue of the Journal of Family Issues, married men worldwide report doing less housework than unmarried cohabiting men. Researchers from George Mason University and North Carolina State University found this after conducting an international study of 17,636 men and women in 28 countries. Though, cohabiting men still do less […]

Divorce: Nature vs. Nuture

July 31, 2007

In a recent study, divorce is not, in fact, inherent in the genes of separated couples. Instead, family history has been found to play a key role in creating the propensity for divorce later in life. Adults whose own parents divorced had nearly twice the risk of going through a divorce themselves, researchers found. In […]

An Interesting Source

July 23, 2007

As I have referenced the Pew Research Center in a few of my past blogs, I thought I would give more detail as to who they are. The Pew Research Center is an independent opinion research group that studies attitudes towards press, politics, and public policy issues. It’s best known for regular national surveys that […]

Rich Stayed Married and Poor Get Divorced

July 19, 2007

While the divorce rate within the first 10 years of marriage for college educated women dropped from 29 percent in the mid-1970’s to 16.5 percent, the rate for unmarried women witnessed a rise from 36 percent to a staggering 46 percent. In an article in The Economist, this gap said to be the root cause […]