How Easy Is A Do It Yourself Divorce?

November 12, 2009

Many divorcing couples in North Carolina choose not to hire an attorney and handle things themselves. Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen and Charlotte divorce lawyer Ketan Soni offer tips and advice for do it yourself divorce in North Carolina.

It’s Springtime, And Adultery Is In The Air

April 17, 2009

Unfortunately, adultery is a factor in far too many divorces. Host Ned Daze and attorney Lee Rosen discuss the impact of adultery on all aspects of divorce in North Carolina, from child custody and support, to alimony and property division. The panel also discusses the latest celebrity divorces and takes listener questions about whether leaving […]

Lack of Sex as Grounds for Divorce?

March 23, 2009

Can withholding sex be used in court to determine the outcome of alimony or support? Host Lee Rosen and guest attorney Scott Allen discuss the case of an 80 year old man in Zimbabwe who is filing for divorce after alleging that he and his wife had not been intimate in 7 years and what […]

Who Gets The Pets?

January 12, 2009

Who gets to keep the family dog and cat when a couple separates? How does the state view pets – like people, or property? These and many other topics are covered on this week’s live show. The guest attorney is Scott Allen, head of litigation of Rosen Law Firm. Click below to play the show.