Young and Married: A New Chinese Trend

August 6, 2007

There is a new trend in China where an increasingly number of couples in their early twenties are deciding to tie the knot. Going against the Chinese norm of establishing a career and marrying later on, recent college grads say they are tying the knot out of love instead of economic reasons. Is this trend […]

The Rules of Infidelity

May 4, 2007

A former Wall Street Journal foregin correspondent, Pamela Druckerman, just published her book, Lust in Translation: The Rules of Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee. It hasn’t received great reviews, yet. She compares how different cultures define adultery and how they conceptualize infidelity. Here’s some interesting data Druckerman found: -Only 3.8 of married men and 2% […]

Do We Marry For Love?

April 12, 2007

Today Reuters ran a story about a survey recently conducted by OnePoll.Com which reveals some interesting findings about Britons: -almost a quarter of Britons regret marrying their spouses -15 percent of newlyweds-to-be will walk down the aisle with misgivings -four percent of the 4,000 married people surveyed by OnePoll.Com said they married because they wanted […]

Divorce Rate to Skyrocket in Japan

March 29, 2007

I heard an interesting story tonight on BBC about how baby boomers in Japan are now spending more time with their spouses than ever before as they head into retirement. Shame and money have always big issues for Japanese women who initiate 75% of all divorces in their country. But a recent change to a […]