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What Not to Tell Your Divorce Attorney

March 14, 2012

Is your negative attitude stopping you from getting the divorce settlement you deserve? Charlotte divorce attorney, Erin Clarey, joins us this week to discuss the 7 things you should never say to your divorce attorney, as well as how to find the information you need while going through your divorce by accessing our attorney run […]

Calculating Alimony

February 29, 2012

Can you calculate your alimony payment? Raleigh divorce attorney, Ryan Short, joins us this week to discuss how you can estimate your alimony payments using the NC Alimony Calculator. Also,this family law attorney lets listeners know the one thing you shouldn’t be doing during your divorce.

5 Behaviors that Lead to Divorce

February 1, 2012

Is your nagging what caused your divorce? Charlotte divorce attorney, David Self, joins us this week to discuss the 5 unexpected behaviors that lead to divorce, as well as how to handle child custody and support issues using helpful tools like the Rosen NC Child Support Calculator.

Facebook v. Divorce

January 11, 2012

Can your spouse use your Facebook as evidence against you during a divorce? Raleigh divorce attorney, Melissa Essick, joins us this week to discussĀ  what NOT to post on your Facebook once separated, as well as what North Carolina courts and couples define as a separation.