The Financial Side of the Split

October 23, 2007

Couples often make mistakes when separating and as a result waste a lot of money. Financial experts say there is a way to take stock of your finances and assets when you are ending a marriage. Here are some tips from Ginita Wall, a certified public accountant in San Diego who specializes in divorce: 1. […]

3 Tips for Financial Harmony

August 3, 2007

One of the biggest factors couples address in divorce are problems arising from financial difficulties or lack of communication. I just read an article by Gemma B. Allen of the Chicago Sun-Times who states that open communication and collaborative budget planning can help prevent financial woes and the arguments they cause. In her article, she […]

How to Avoid Financial Divorce Traps

May 8, 2007

Wall Street Journal reporter, Rachel Emma Silverman, included in her article, Divorce: Counting Money Gets Tougher, some interesting tips to avoid financial divorce traps. Her first tip is to consider other ways to divorce, such as mediation or collaborative divorce, and to avoid litigious divorces. Rosen has an informative page about mediation you can view […]

Prenups May Help Marriages

February 14, 2007

According to recent findings by a Harvard Law School study, prenups may actually increase the chances of a successful marriage. The study group said prenups were good because it forced couples to talk about finances and in a way, the prenup acted like premarital counseling.