Financial Infidelity Leads to Marital Strife

June 23, 2008

Nancy Stancill of the Charlotte Observer interviewed Lee Rosen, president of Rosen Law Firm, on financial infidelity for an interesting story that ran over the weekend. In the article, Rosen advises couples to be upfront about spending because little deceptions tend to lead to bigger lies, which eventually destroy relationships. Have you ever lied to […]

Prenups on the Rise

June 20, 2008

As more people marry later in life — sometimes more than once — attorneys are seeing an increase in the number of people entering into prenuptial agreements. Pernups might not be good for all couples, though. Experts recommend those who should consider prenups are couples where one party has either been previously married and/or has […]

Marrying Not For Love, But Money

May 19, 2008

According to a survey conducted by Connecticut-based Prince & Associates, 2/3 of 1,134 people polled nationally said they would marry an average-looking person if they had money- being like $1.5 million. Does that kind of money even get you very far these days? It certainly couldn’t secure a lifetime of financial happiness. Yet, the survey […]

Financial Mistakes to Avoid

May 2, 2008

Many studies show the no. 1 reason couples argue is because of money and these arguments are what eventually causes them to split. Experts say that while more than 70% of couples talk about money on a weekly basis, they talk emotionally about the subject and not strategically. Some of the most common mistakes couples […]