The Ins & Outs of Child Support

October 5, 2011

Child support payments going unpaid? It could mean prison time for you. Raleigh Divorce Attorney Kristin Stroud joins host Stephanie Lockwood to discuss the ins and outs of child support, as well as equitable distribution.

Financial Tips to Protect Yourself After Divorce

August 12, 2008

Based on an article recently posted on, here are five tips to protect yourself financially once the divorce is final: 1. Know what you have 2. Think about where you’re going 3. Keep track of your credit rating 4. Save something every month 5. Close all joint accounts 6. Educate yourself about money 7. […]

Divorced, But Still Married to Your Money

August 5, 2008

Financial planners say one of the most common mistakes people make after getting a divorce is simply failing to update the beneficiary forms on their retirement accounts, which can lead to all kinds of unintended financial consequences years or even decades down the road. Go back and check all the paperwork for your retirement and […]

London’s Credit Crunch Leads to Divorce

July 11, 2008

According to a recent survey of 100 traders in the U.K., 79 percent felt that marriages have a greater chance of failing during an economic crisis and one in 10 were worried that their own spouse may be seeking legal advice. UK home prices are down and the cost of oil is increasing. Many say […]