Grandparents Granted Child Custody

October 26, 2011

Could your parents get custody of your children? Raleigh Divorce Attorney Scott Allen joins host Stephanie Lockwood to discuss the latest laws and rulings as they relate to grandparents gaining custody, as well as how to collect unpaid child support.

What is Retroactive Child Support?

July 8, 2011

Can child support or alimony be applied retroactively? Raleigh divorce lawyer Kristin Stroud joins us to talk about when child support can be applied even if it isn’t in the separation agreement.

Could I Lose The Kids?

March 23, 2011

If my new partner has a criminal record, how will that affect my custody agreement? Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen join us to talk about how a criminal record could change your custody agreement.

When Do We Recalculate?

February 10, 2011

When is the right time to recalculate child support? Charlotte divorce lawyer Ketan Soni joins us to talk about when and how to recalculate child support.