Domestic Violence

How To Divorce Your Incarcerated Spouse

April 20, 2010

What steps must you take to divorce a spouse who is in prison? Does jail-time count as part of the one year separation period? Charlotte divorce lawyer Ketan Soni takes calls about what you need when appearing in court, as well as answering questions about what evidence you should bring to a domestic violence hearing.

Forcing Your Ex To Pay The Marital Debt

February 24, 2010

If you’ve been making payments on the marital debt, but your ex spouse hasn’t contributed, is it possible to use the courts to force him or her to do so? Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Scott Allen answers listener phone calls about marital debt, property division, and changing your name after a divorce.

What To Do When Your Spouse Is Violent

December 30, 2009

What steps should you take if you fear your spouse may try to hurt you or your children? Host Ned Daze and Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen answer listener questions about how to handle getting a violent spouse out of the home, as well as discussing what to expect when you visit an attorney for […]

What If Your Spouse Won’t Let You Leave?

July 31, 2009

There are many factors to consider when you’re thinking of leaving the marital home, but what should you do when your spouse is doing everything in his or her power to keep you in the house? Host Ned Daze and Managing Attorney Ketan Soni answer listener questions about leaving the home and getting a divorce […]