The Ins & Outs of Child Support

October 5, 2011

Child support payments going unpaid? It could mean prison time for you. Raleigh Divorce Attorney Kristin Stroud joins host Stephanie Lockwood to discuss the ins and outs of child support, as well as equitable distribution.

What about child custody?

December 16, 2010

Have you been wondering what you’re going to have to pay? Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen and Cary divorce lawyer Scott Allen join us to talk about child custody and the guidelines in North Carolina.

Does The County Matter?

June 12, 2009

Is there really a difference in the way that big county courts and judges operate versus those in smaller counties? Ketan Soni, managing attorney with Rosen Law Firm’s Charlotte office, Scott Allen, head of litigation with Rosen Law Firm’s Raleigh office and host Lee Rosen discuss the differences between the two as well as taking […]