DNA Linked to Divorce

March 7, 2012

Can your DNA predict your likelihood to divorce? Raleigh divorce attorney, Kristin Stroud, joins us this week to discuss new research that links DNA to divorce rates, as well as the 10 Do’s and Dont’s for a civilized divorce. Family law attorney, Kristin Stroud, answers listener calls on air and answers questions regarding collecting and […]

The Price of Adulterous Love

January 25, 2012

Could you take your husband’s mistress to court? Charlotte divorce attorney, Erin Clarey, joins us this week to discuss how Alienation of Affection works, as well as what means of surveillance are legal between spouses.

Is Your Spouse On Their Way Out?

January 18, 2012

Does your spouse already have one foot out of the door? Raleigh divorce attorney, Melissa Essick, joins us this week to discuss the easiest signs to spot if your spouse is ready to split.Host, Lee Rosen, also lets listeners in on how to find the information they need in our online divorce forum.

Could You Lose Custody of Your Children?

December 14, 2011

Will your actions cost you your child custody?  Our guest, Raleigh divorce attorney Crystal Russ,  joins us this week to discuss the 7 things that could cost you your child custody, as well as what it takes to have a case for alienation of affection.