Cohabitation Law in NC

April 9, 2007

The law in N.C. prohibiting cohabitation was enacted in 1805. It’s hard to imagine that such an outdated law would still be valid some 200 years later. N.C. House bill 132 was recently filed to repeal this statute. Some say by abolishing this law you are basically support adultery. Last I heard cohabitation by unmarried […]

201-Year-Old Law, Unconstitutional

July 21, 2006

Yesterday, Superior Court Judge Benjamin Alford of New Bern, North Carolina struck down a North Carolina law that makes unmarried couples living together illegal.

Living Together Unmarried, and Illegally

July 18, 2006

In North Carolina, according to an 1805 law, if a couple is not married and cohabitates, they are guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor. Cohabitation by unmarried couples is also still illegal in Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia.