No Parent Left Behind

March 10, 2006

Several states are passing laws that would give automatic joint custody to divorced couples, assuming they are fit.  I first thought that Wisconsin was different, but now South Dakota is trying to pass a similar legislation. Will this complicate child custody arrangements or strengthen relationships with parents and their kids? Comments? Send an email.Kramer Vs. […]

Michigan Proposes Automatic Joint Custody

March 7, 2006

Rep. Leslie Mortimer, R-Horton of Michigan has introduced a bill that would help child support efforts. If the bill passes,  The Child Custody Act of 1970 would be amended creating a presumption that when two parents divorce they automatically get joint custody of the child. A new legislation recently passed in Italy making joint custody […]

For the Sake of the Children

November 28, 2005

More couples are finding ways to make divorce less damaging to kids.  Here’s an interesting article that recently ran in the New York Times. Comments? Send an email.Kramer Vs. is supported by Rosen Law Firm as a service to the media and others interested on the latest news on divorce and family issues.

New NC Parenting Coordinator Law

September 30, 2005

In North Carolina, the new parenting coordinator law goes into effect tomorrow, October 1. High conflict custody cases often require more people to insure the children’s best needs are being met. Under the new parenting coordinator law, the court can appoint a parenting coordinator at any time during the proceeding of a child custody case. […]