What is a Parenting Coordinator?

June 15, 2007

Parenting coordinators are a child-focused method of alternative dispute resolution used in high conflict child custody cases. A parenting coordinator is a neutral third-party brought into custody cases to reduce the level of conflict by helping the parents make better decisions concerning the parenting of their children. Rosen Law Firm’s recent article on Parenting Coordinators […]

Summer Vacation Planning Harder for Single Parents

May 29, 2007

Parents Without Partners, and online forum for single parents, recently published an article by Brette McWhorter about how single parents can help keep summer fun, even in the shadow of a divorce. The tips include: Keep summer vacation fun Plan around your given custody time Welcome your child’s friends Make other plans for your child […]

Game Helps Children Cope with Divorce

March 23, 2007

Earthquake in Zipland is an interesting game that helps children cope with their parents’ divorce. It’s the first research-based computer game aimed to help children of divorce and/or separation cope with their new life. This is especially great for parents to play with their children.

On-line Tools for Divorced Parents

June 13, 2006

More divorced parents are using on-line tools to help share the role of raising their children, like Google Calendar or Ourfamilywizard.These tools feature e-scheduling and an events calendar so parents can better organize visitation and be more active in their children’s lives. Kids are also more involved too, because they can go on-line and see […]