What You Can Learn From Celebrity Divorces

November 30, 2011

How will you fare in your divorce settlement? Our guest, Charlotte Divorce Attorney Erin Clarey,  joins us this week to discuss how outlandish celebrity divorce settlements can relate to you, as well as how to modify child custody when dealing with an inconsiderate co-parent

Tis the Season

November 16, 2011

How will your kids handle your split this holiday season?  Raleigh Divorce Attorney Crystal Russ joins us to give us her advice on how to handle split child custody during the holiday season, as well as whether or not it is possible to affair-proof your marriage.

Grandparents Granted Child Custody

October 26, 2011

Could your parents get custody of your children? Raleigh Divorce Attorney Scott Allen joins host Stephanie Lockwood to discuss the latest laws and rulings as they relate to grandparents gaining custody, as well as how to collect unpaid child support.

New Study: Kids Behavior Problems May Not be Linked to Divorce

April 30, 2008

Some experts are concluding that divorce is neither good nor bad. Allen Li, associate director of the Population Research Center at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California, says it depends on the individual marriages and the family. Though Li’s findings contrast with a lot of research on the effects divorce has on children. Some […]