Tom & Katie: Celebrity Divorce is Different

July 11, 2012

Is a two-week celebrity divorce realistic?

A celebrity divorce can happen in the blink of an eye. If you aren’t paying attention, you may miss it. When two celebrities get divorced, the millions of dollars sitting in their bank accounts don’t get tied up in long, draining court battles.

How do celebrity couples, like Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, go from start to finish in two weeks when it takes other people months or years to get a divorce? Charlotte divorce attorney, David Self, breaks down the details of Tom & Katie’s sudden split to show listeners how this famous duo pressed through all of the divorce red tape.

Self instructs listeners on how state laws can affect the divorce process and what they need to do  in order to make the transition as painless as possible. Self advises that the best solution is always to be one step ahead.

“It’s not uncommon in divorce cases, not only in high asset cases but also your more standard case, where people are thinking about divorce long before the other person knows. There is some strategy and advice you can get from your counsel,” says Self.

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