Do It Yourself Divorce

June 20, 2012

How to manage your divorce without the expensive attorneys

Raleigh divorce attorney, Ryan Short, empowers listeners to take charge of their divorce by “doing it themselves” with Rosen Online’s Do It Yourself Divorce service.

From the outside, divorce can seem like a complicated process that can only be untangled by an attorney. Online resource Rosen Online takes away the guess work and puts people back in control of their own lives. “When you act as your own attorney…you’re in control of your own case,” says Short.

The Do It Yourself Divorce service provides affordable divorce, child custody, and child support solutions. From the very first step Divorce DIY is there with draft separation agreements and an online library of articles for reference. With forms to match any situation or dilemma, the Do It Yourself Divorce service provides users with a seamless, guided experience. Have a question about specifics within your case? Not a problem. This online service comes with the support and backing of a North Carolina divorce attorney to answer any questions you may have when you hit a speed bump.

This invigorating episode shows listeners the steps they can take to insure that they are in control of their future.

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