Celebrate Father’s Day on a Budget

June 10, 2008

It’s always hard to find dad the perfect gift, but it’s even harder when the budget is strained by rising gas prices and a tight economy — and dad doesn’t need another neck tie, golf club, or coffee mug.

Dr. Susan Orenstein is a licensed counseling psychologist who is an expert on Stay Happily Married.com, a resource for married couples who want to stay together sponsored by Rosen Law Firm.

Orenstein shares a few ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget:

1) Attend a minor league sports game. Many Dads like sports, but going to see a major league game can be expensive, so opt for the minor leagues.

2) Go for a hike. Many dads like the outdoors and while it may be too expensive to drive to the mountains or the beach, explore state parks close to home.

3) Plant a tree. Just because it’s Father’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t do something good for Mother Nature. Find a spot in your yard and plant a tree in dad’s honor.

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