Thoughtless Little Pig

June 9, 2008

After heated comments about his daughter became public, Alec Baldwin has decided to write a guide for families going through divorce. Other celebrity cases in the news include Bill Murray’s pre-nup dispute and actor Dylan McDermott’s decision to represent himself in his high-profile divorce. Lisa Angel, board certified family law specialist, and Scott Allen, head of litigation with the Rosen Law Firm, discuss these and other issues, including the governor of New York’s orders that state agencies recognize and accommodate same-sex marriages, and the decision by the Texas court system to return children taken from the San Angelo polygamist compound. Also covered: the NC Legislature’s proposal to raise fees for marriage licenses and divorce filings, the effect unpaid child support will have on your economic stimulus check, and the case of a Tampa man in trouble with his wife after hiring a nude maid who allegedly ‘pocketed’ $40,000 worth of jewelry.

This week’s featured site is The service acts as media mediator by scanning and archiving photos and other family documents in digital formats. While it isn’t cheap, it solves the issue of dividing family photos and distributing them to the separate divorce parties.

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