The Semen Spy

April 21, 2008


Couple at tableIt’s been an eventful week in family law. This roundtable begins with a discussion of the San Angelo Texas child custody case in which hundreds of attorneys have volunteered to represent the nearly 400 children removed from their homes and families. Scott Allen, head of the Rosen Law Firm litigation department, and Holly Evans Gray, attorney with the Rosen Law Firm, discuss the broad-reaching implications of the state’s actions.

Also discussed is the emerging problem same-sex divorce presents when couples attempt to dissolve their union in a state where the initial marriage license would not have been granted. The show concludes with an examination of how your actions on the internet can affect your divorce, including the now famous YouTube video of Tricia Walsh-Smith exposing the personal details of her marriage, and the legality of sites like DivorcingDaze, where people can vent frustrations about their own cases.

This week’s highlighted product is the Semen Spy, a kit designed to confirm your suspicions of infidelity by detecting the presence of semen from stains up to 30 years old.

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