It’s a Taxing Time

April 14, 2008


April 15th is quickly approaching, so who claims the children as dependents? What are the pitfalls of joint versus individual filing? How are refunds split? In this episode, Scott Allen, head of Rosen Law Firm’s litigation department, and Lisa Angel, Board Certified Family Law Specialist, discuss these and other family law issues that commonly arise at tax time. Other topics include the role of religion and the church in supporting couples during a divorce and how the law applies to emerging issues like families with trans-gender parents.

The show concludes with a look at what kind of protection is (or is not) provided by the fifth amendment in family cases. Invoking the right not to incriminate yourself over claims involving adultery and alienation of affection can backfire if not properly assessed. Scott and Lisa clear up some of the differences in how civil and criminal proceedings treat the fifth amendment.

Also mentioned in this podcast is the Spy Finder, available from The Spy Finder is a handheld device which allows the user to detect any wired or wireless cameras if he or she suspects a spouse or partner is conducting hidden surveillance.


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