Japanese Women Contemplate Divorce

November 27, 2007

According to a recent survey, 40% of Japanese couples say they talk to their spouse less than 30 minutes each day. The study also revealed that 30% of these couples do not feel they have love in their relationship and more wives than husbands have considered divorce.

After a new law went into affect in April allowing ex-wives to claim half of their husband’s pension, the number of divorces in 2007 has been forecasted to increase.

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bharati Deshpande December 30, 2007 at 7:57 am

In the twilight of their life just when they need the companionship of their wifes their wives are deserting them for money . These are guys who have worked 16 hours .The pension came out of their such hardwork They deserved better. Women are selfish even Japanese.
This reminds me of a story of famous Indian Emperor Akbar.
An Old Bull continuously kept rining a bell and would not go away . Akbar then asked a clever minister Birbal what is the problem . Birbal then said that the Bull is saying I worked hard in my life did not complain and now my mistress is leaving me . Akbar then called the Farmeress and found it to be true and punished the farmeress. Will the japanese courts be as fair as akbar

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