Best Divorce Movies

February 12, 2007

For those recently separated or divorced who are dreading the upcoming holiday for couples, I’ve compiled a list of the best divorce movies, many of which are comedies.

The War of the Roses
Bye Bye Love
Divorce American Style
Kramer vs Kramer
Dinner with Friends
The First Wives Club
Liar Liar
Unmarried Women
Mrs. Doubtfire

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Vic's Still Standing July 5, 2007 at 9:57 pm

Best divorce movies? This must be a tongue in cheek list that is meant to be satiric. Right?

For those of us who have experienced the deep,searing pain of losing a spouse, The War of the Roses, Stepmom, The First Wives Club, and Liar Liar are offensive Hollywoodized versions of what for most of us is a period of sincere trauma and bewilderment. Sorry, but I like to think that this issue is more complex than these simplistic movies would have you believe.

I would like to watch a movie that addresses how easy the legal system has made the dissolution of long-term marriages (no fault does not benefit long-term, old-fashioned wives with rusty job skills), and how the devastation of divorce affects children in the long run.

In Step Mom the first wife had to DIE in order for the plot to lead to its predictable conclusion. The First Wives Club is all about revenge, not forgiveness or understanding. Mrs. Doubtfire is so comic book simple that it in no way can comfort a person going through the trauma of divorce or separation. War of the Roses is pathetic and criminal, and Liar, Liar has an unrealistic Disneyfied plot and ending.

I recall hearing my husband and his lawyer joking and laughing the day we signed our divorce papers. Their behavior was crass, to say the least, but I imagine that the scene would have fit very well in one of these trite movies.

I dare you to visit my blog, read my post on how to cope with the holidays and Valentine’s day, and then put up another top list of “comic” divorce movies. Sorry for the tirade, but you folks are lawyers and have dealt with people who are sincerely traumatized by a life altering event. You should know better than to put up a post like this. Thankfully, the other posts on your website are more helpful.

Jay Stephens April 25, 2008 at 12:57 pm

I am a 36 year old divorcee from Fl currently doing an essay on the most popular reasons for divorce in America. My essay will discuss reasons such as money, infidelity, abuse, and communication. Would you give me a brief example of a personal experience or of someone you know that has divorced for each of these reasons.

Matt August 25, 2009 at 4:41 pm

Definately Maybe is a wonderful divorce movie as well

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