National Family Day

September 26, 2005

National Family Day is celebrated nationwide today to promote parental engagement as a effective way to reduce substance abuse among youth. It’s also a way to raise healthier children overall. Yet, divorce experts say single parents and non-custodial parents can also effectively engage with their kids, although it can be more challenging.

"It’s definitely harder for single parents to juggle work and quality time with their kids, " says Jennifer Coleman, life transition coach with Rosen Law Firm. " But quality time together needs to be a priority for both single parents and non-custodial parents." Coleman also recommends non-custodial parents help children with their homework and sit down for dinner together, even if it’s the weekend. 

According to The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, children who eat dinner frequently with their families are less likely to engage in smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

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